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Getting There! Perspective

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Let it go

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Do you remember when you were young and could rapidly shift from one thing to another? Every day was a new day often with things you had never seen or done.  Almost everything you did was the very first time you did it. Life was exciting!  You could be completely absorbed in one thing before rapidly shifting gears and completely immersing yourself in something else. By the end of the day, it was often impossible to remember everything you did that day.

The more you see and do, the less anything feels new.  Your life can become a series of been there, done that.  You may still become absorbed by things that happen to you during the day.  But long after you see a story on the news, you may still be emotionally involved in it. You may still be upset over an event from years ago or fired up about a game your team played last year. Maybe still focused on losses in your portfolio or decisions you regret.

There is no rule requiring you to behave differently now than when you were young.  I may look like a very hairy version of the little boy in the picture, but I still become absorbed by a great movie, documentary, or even Jeopardy. Sometimes it’s a good book or a beautiful sunset. Sometimes it’s hard to move on.

Remember the past, but focus on the here and now.  Be present and don’t worry about the future.  The past is done and the future will never happen. You cannot do anything tomorrow because it won’t be tomorrow when you get there.  It will be a new now!

Immerse yourself in the things you enjoy! Don’t hesitate to try something new! If something from the past is bothering you or if worries about the future are keeping you from living now, then for your sake, and those around you, let it go (whatever it is).

Life should be fun, but remember, fun is a choice.  And that choice is yours!

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