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The only thing more difficult than changing and growing is not doing it.

Dr. David Krueger

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Interview by Consumerism Commentary Podcast 105

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Bryan Busch interviewed me about the fears of investors and how to overcome investment fears. 22 minutes

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Arthur Levitt, Chairman of the SEC, 1/16/2001

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Speech from 10 years ago with issues still very relevant today.

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Investiphobia Excerpt

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Investiphobia Excerpt via Reuters Prism Money

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Anyone who knows me, also knows how often I can be found at Starbucks. Several locations fix an Iced Quad-Shot Espresso when they see me pull into the parking lot.  That is, after all, my preferred drink and has been for several years now.

Originally, my drink was a Grande nonfat, with whip, Mocha.  After several years, I chose a Grande Iced Coffee.  Then, my doctor suggested espresso since it has less caffeine and much less acid than brewed coffee. Even though it has a stronger flavor, espresso is lower in caffeine and acidity.

The other day, someone in line commented on my paying for my order without ever saying what I wanted.  It made me think about choices and how we make them.

We hear a lot about making choices.  Sometimes it is frustrating because we may feel we did not actually make a choice.  When I say, “Fear is a choice”, a common response is “I don’t remember choosing it!”.

Maybe, that’s because you didn’t choose fear today. You may not have even chosen it recently. You may have it today because of a choice you made a long time ago. Until you announce your new choice, people will assume nothing has changed.

Even though we also often hear, “change is a constant”, most people rarely change.  Common sense phrases demonstrate this very well.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

“Don’t mind him, he’s set in his ways.”

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

Actually, we may feel change is a problem, even when it is relatively small. Today, Sirius Radio changed their channel line-up. Bloomberg Radio has always been Channel 131 but is now found on Channel 113. Since most channels changed, most listeners will have to reset their favorite stations. I bet many will think of the work and inconvenience this caused today. “Why did they have to mess up my day?” will be a common thought.

Given the many things we do each day, it is very understandable that change can be irritating particularly when someone made the choice for us. It may seem even harder to decide to make a new choice ourselves.

We are not free to change the past, but, we are always free to make a new choice. We live now and the only power we have is now.

If you are still getting something you chose long ago, make a new choice, one that reflects who you are now. Keep making that choice until it becomes a habit.

Fear really is a choice. Why not choose something better?

Speaking of making new choices, for some reason, this is making me want a nice hot double shot of espresso.  I think I’ll go get one now!

Reference: Both links to Caffeine Acid

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