Paul E. Puckett, Jr.

PAUL E. PUCKETT, JR. is an investment advisor, insurance agent, speaker and author of Investiphobia: Overcome Your Deepest Investment Fears. It is the first in the Whole Investor Network® series of books designed for individual investors who suffer needlessly due to fears regarding their money.

With more than twenty years in the industry, and experience in almost all areas of financial services, Paul’s unique talents and perspective helps investors and their advisors eliminate fear from their investment decisions.

After witnessing so much fear and uncertainty in investors, friends and colleagues, Paul realized these people were all suffering from a condition created by their fears. Investiphobia is: the abnormal, paralyzing, and irrational fear of anything relating to investing, investment professionals, and investment products. It is characterized by the inability to make sound decisions regarding investments and often causes poor investment performance.

A gifted speaker, Paul uses humor and an entertaining approach to reach audiences interested in understanding themselves and their money. “Fear is caused when there’s a disconnect between who you are and what’s you’re doing,” says Paul. “Each investor makes the ultimate decision. They need to be empowered with tools to find the answers, advice and support to make sound decisions that won’t keep them up at night.”

Committed to the KISS principle – Keep Investing Simple and Straightforward – Paul is dedicated to eliminating the impact of fear on investors’ portfolios and, more importantly, on their lives……one investor at a time!