Saving Face and Facing Fears – AdvisorOne

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One of the challenges of being responsible for all aspects of your marketing, promotion, and everything else that goes into being your own spokesperson, is the challenge of keeping up with everything. Here is a clear example: Saving Face and Facing Fears: Why Investors Make Rash Decisions Obviously, I owe the writer of this column at AdvisorOne a heartfelt THANK YOU and an apology for not saying so sooner. Savita Iyer-Ahrestani, AdvisorOne did an outstanding job. She captured exactly what the Whole Investor Network and my book, Investiphobia,...

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Tactical versus Strategic

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We are seeing regular reports that investors should use a tactical, versus strategic, method to manage their money. Both approaches may be appropriate for you, but it may help you to know the basic differences before choosing either method. Tactical Investing Tactical investing is a short-term approach that uses current information to determine the right tactic for an investment portfolio. This information may be drawn from market movements, specific indices, sectors, or countries. It may involve taking a long (ownership) position or using...

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Getting There Featured by Investius

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I’m very pleased the video series, Getting There, is featured today on the Investius blog. Samantha Allen called a few weeks ago and interviewed me over the phone regarding my video series and message. She very capably crunched a half-hour interview into a clear, concise, and comprehensive article covering Getting There and my message. Here’s a link to the Investius blog, enjoy! Investius produces financial news video and offers strategic consultation on the growing use of online video to build brand and promote investment...

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Stock Market Update

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For investors, and reporters who cover the market, it has been a very stressful August. With the S&P Downgrade, a general lack of leadership and agreement in Washington, the multiple crisis in Europe (think Greece, Italy, etc.), and an above average crop of doom and gloom prognosticators, it is understandable that even the most hardy, intrepid, investor is reeling.  With the London riots, one begins to feel the “End of the World” may indeed be approaching. Some declare buy and hold dead, Mark Cuban says “diversification is for...

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Enemy of Debt

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I’m writing a weekly column each Tuesday for Enemy of Debt – Where Behavior Meets Reality! Here’s a link to a popular inspirational post entitled “These are the times!“

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Market Report Data

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Financially Smitten Guest Post

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Very pleased to have the opportunity to be featured on Lora Sasiela’s Financially Smitten Blog! To be in the company of Kathleen B. Kingsbury,  Barbara Stanny, Manisha Thakor, as a guest writer is a real privilege. I encourage those of you who have not visited Financially Smitten to take a look, particularly at her Money Vision Board eBook! For those visiting from Financially Smitten, click Resources above and scroll to the right for the book excerpts and the free advisor...

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Center for Retirement Research

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The Center for Retirement Research is based at Boston College. The goals of the Center for Retirement Research are to promote research on retirement issues, to transmit new findings to a broad audience, to help train new scholars, and to expand access to valuable data resources.   The Center just released a new publication that is free as an eBook or available for purchase through the Center for $2.15. The Social Security Claiming Guide is simple but comprehensive. I highly recommend anyone in the 45-70 year old range to get a copy. It...

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Disclosure to Visitors and Members

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One of the most important items investors should review are the disclosures of your financial professional and their firm. So, although the Whole Investor Network is not a financial firm, here is an important disclosure. Disclosure: The Whole Investor Network does not currently, nor does it plan, to provide any investment products or services to its’ visitors and members. Offerings are limited to books, videos, webinars, conference calls, and speaking engagements with the purpose of providing helpful information and educational material...

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June Market Report

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  Name Total Ret 1 Yr Total Ret Annlzd 3 Yr Total Ret Annlzd 5 Yr Total Ret Annlzd 10 Yr Total Ret Annlzd 15 Yr S&P 500 Total Return (Large Cap) 30.69 3.34 2.94 2.72 6.5 S&P MidCap 400 Total Return (Mid Cap) 39.38 7.82 6.6 7.94 11.36 S&P SmallCap 600 Total Return (Small Cap) 37.03 8.16 4.61 7.79 9.35 MSCI EAFE (International) 26.7 -4.6 -1.29 3.08 2.51 MSCI EM (Emerging Markets) 24.86 1.78 8.92 13.51 5.67 About the Indices: Standard & Poors 500 Total Return Index – S&P 500 TR – The S&P...

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