Saving Face and Facing Fears – AdvisorOne

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One of the challenges of being responsible for all aspects of your marketing, promotion, and everything else that goes into being your own spokesperson, is the challenge of keeping up with everything. Here is a clear example:

Saving Face and Facing Fears: Why Investors Make Rash Decisions

Obviously, I owe the writer of this column at AdvisorOne a heartfelt THANK YOU and an apology for not saying so sooner. Savita Iyer-Ahrestani, AdvisorOne did an outstanding job. She captured exactly what the Whole Investor Network and my book, Investiphobia, are all about.

A belated, but heart felt, thank you!

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Enemy of Debt

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I’m writing a weekly column each Tuesday for Enemy of Debt – Where Behavior Meets Reality!

Here’s a link to a popular inspirational post entitled “These are the times!

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Disclosure to Visitors and Members

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One of the most important items investors should review are the disclosures of your financial professional and their firm. So, although the Whole Investor Network is not a financial firm, here is an important disclosure.

Disclosure: The Whole Investor Network does not currently, nor does it plan, to provide any investment products or services to its’ visitors and members. Offerings are limited to books, videos, webinars, conference calls, and speaking engagements with the purpose of providing helpful information and educational material for people who invest.

The sole goal of the Whole Investor Network and the Investiphobia Book Series is to eliminate the fears of investors – one investor at a time!

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Investiphobia: Overcome Your Deepest Investment Fears

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We grow up imagining how happy we will be when we finally have money. But many people discover they have very strong fears relating to their money. Some are more than just concerned. Their fears have reached phobic levels. In a capitalist economy, one would think we would be very comfortable and open about money — and our feelings about our investments. Yet many people are not at all comfortable discussing their investments. They have fears that have negatively impacted their investment decisions. To prevent these fears from affecting their portfolio, they must be open to recognizing what they are, and then effectively address them. When fear is ignored or denied, it can become a phobia that will not only destroy your investment portfolio, it will also affect your life.

The book includes a quiz to help you determine if you have Investiphobia. Many of the people suffering from Investiphobia are unaware of their condition which may be caused by one or more of eighteen separate fears. You do not need to learn them all, just the fears you find applicable to you. Some of these fears, like the fear of loss, are very common. Others, like the fear of not keeping up with the Joneses, may be new to you.

You will learn to identify the many individual fears that may cause investiphobia with examples of the ways they may manifest in your investment life. And you will find suggestions on the best ways to address each fear with guidance on keeping these fears from affecting you and your portfolio.

Finding Your Financial Life Guide is the second half of Investiphobia. It provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide designed to give you the tools you need to find and choose the right advisor for you.

Investiphobia is available at: CreateSpace Amazon B&N

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