The Whole Investor Network (WIN) is a different kind of personal finance site. We believe time is more valuable than money, don’t you? But handling money is a relatively new task for most people.

WIN was founded to help investors get their lives back. WIN provides education, support, publications, and training to people who are burdened by worries and fears relating to money and investing. The goal is to provide the tools people need to handle money without it complicating their lives.

My grandfather was a very respected elementary school janitor. He had three daughters and lived a fulfilling life. I bet your family history is similar. Today, many people have more money than their parents and grand-parents would ever have imagined. We hear a great deal about disparity of income and concentrations of wealth in the news these days, but more people have money now than at any time in history.

The Whole Investor Network is committed to a positive, responsible, and timely message intended for investors who would like their lives back. Money and investing do not require you to give up your happiness!